... to the Internet platform funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the European Union for the combined project "DEBBI-Discontinuous careers as an opportunity for innovation - Developing the potential of innovative elderly through operational innovation systems", DEBBI is being undertaken by the Research Institute of Innovative Work and prevention FIAP eV (Gelsenkirchen), in cooperation with the Institute for research and project consulting practice IPP (Munich), adesso AG (Dortmund) and the gaus gmbH (Dortmund).


Project DEBBI considers changes in innovative ability in line with innovative change, specifically focusing on older workers with discontinuous career paths in the IT sector. Because of demographic change in our society IT companies are facing the potential problem of a reduction in the level creativity and innovation in their employees. By adopting demographically-orientated personal development and organisational structures, companies can help maintain the high levels of innovation in the industry despite the challenges of demographic change. The innovative potential of younger and older employees must be established through appropriate measurement and reviews so that new models for personal and organisational development can be established and made available. The future of creativity and innovation in the context of demographic change, especially the “elderly challenge”. Innovation, by demographics -based instruments, the thesis of DEBBI, a sustained increase in consideration of the potential of older workers and the continued development of skills through changed careers. The thesis of DEBBI is that the potential and skills of older employees for innovation can be developed through the use of demographically-orientated tools, and by developing skills acquired from previous professional experience.